There’s something that I have to admit to you. 88. In a week or two you’ll see the leaves of the ginger plant emerge. 3.8 out of 5 stars 77. Variegated ginger is a moderate grower that can … I’m addicted to ginger plants. Ornamental ginger plants can be a great way to add exotic color, foliage, and dramatic blooms to your garden. Whatever ginger plant you are growing, the care will be the same because all ginger plants are tropical plants. The spicy fragrances, the wide variety of flower forms … Once the ginger root is planted, water it thoroughly. Important ornamental cousins include This is a type of ornamental ginger plant. FREE Shipping (2) Fresh Culinary Ginger Root Start, Can be used in many different recipes, makes food healthier and taste better, Great for Eating, Sushi, Cooking, and Easy to Grow and Care For. The kitchen spice, ginger (from Zingiber officinalis), is the best known and most widely used. Enjoy our articles to learn more about this diverse group. There is a wide variety of ginger plants for you to choose from, from edible to ornamental ginger. Shell ginger has ovate leaves with green stripes that make it an ornamental plant. I mean, really addicted. Ornamentally, there are gingers for just about every taste. Ornamental gingers cover a wide range of plants do not all have the same requirements. There are many types of flowering ginger, but most are large plants with showy foliage and even showier blooms. The leaves on the ginger plant will get to be up to 4 feet (1 m.) tall and are susceptible to wind damage. The ginger lily group is a very large group of tropical flowering plants, that has some rhizome members such as the fragrant white ginger, Hedyicium coronarium, the blue ginger lily, and the red pine cone (pinecone) ginger lily rhizome can all be grown out-of-doors as a cold hardy flowering plant … Hedychiums belong to the ginger family, Zingiberaceae, which includes many useful herbs and ornamental plants. It blooms clusters of pink buds, emitting luscious aroma. No, I’m truly obsessed with them. 6-10 Inches. Plant specs. Soil: Ornamental gingers are not very picky when it comes to potting soil. Low growing Kaempferias with wildly patterned leaves make great plants … Common ginger thrives in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 12, while most ornamental varieties are winter hardy in USDA zones 8 through 11. In USDA zone 8 and above, you can grow and care for your ginger plant outdoors, in your landscape. They are fabulously beautiful and grow in a range of sizes, flower shapes, and colors. ORNAMENTAL GINGER IN YOUR GARDEN. I don’t just like them, because lets face it, what’s not to like. Both sections have a heavy gingery scent, leaves and rhizomes are additives in local dishes and appetisers. They run the gamut from short plants with attractive leaf patterns to enormous wide and tall architectural specimens. Butterfly ginger is a green-leaved plant that only grows about 3 feet tall, prefers part shade, and should be grown near the lanai or porch so you can appreciate the wonderful smell of the blossoms. Ornamental Ginger Growing Conditions. $35.88 $ 35. Ginger plants. However, they may experience a mild magnesium deficiency. Ginger Plant - Hawaiian Red Ginger Starter Plant - Approx. With clove-like flavor, it’s edible leaves are the primary agents in noodles and teas in Okinawan cuisines, rhizomes are used for medicinal purpose . If that happens, you should use a bit of Epsom salts every month to keep their leaves green and strong. These plants are not deep-rooted. Beehive ginger plants have branches that grow in height to around 6 ft. (1.8 m). Once the leaves emerge, water sparingly, but when you water the ginger root plant, water it deeply. Flowers are beehive-shaped cones that grow on a small spike that grows from the base of the plant.