If you divide your specimens in the spring, aim to do so when the plants are growing but before the leaves begin unfurling. In the middle of summer, I recommend split only large or medium varieties that already have a large rhizome. "}]},{"@type":"Question","name":"How often divide hostas? Hostas make such a nice statement and now we all know how to divide them. This step is not necessary; you can split the bush hosta, for example, into four parts with a shovel without cleaning the roots of the soil. For southern climates, October is the more ideal for hostas to be divided. This process is not very complicated, and even a beginner gardener can do it, especially if he is well informed about all the intricacies of the dividing hostas, this is what we discuss in this article, let’s go! ","acceptedAnswer":[{"@type":"Answer","text":"Late fall is not the best time for separation. After dividing my hostas or other perennials, I transplant them back to our garden. At 3 the plants are mature enough to be divided, but by 8 the clump will be so dense that dividing will be difficult. Transplant your Divided Hosta Back to the Garden. Try to keep the maximum number of roots in the division. From one or more sides, cut under the clump and pry it out of the hole. Large and slow-growing varieties you should divide once every 4-6 years. When they are grown close to one another, the hostas will naturally grow slower with no ill effects. First, you need to decide when to divide hostas. Dig around a bush 5-10 inches from the stems to a depth of 10-18 inches, depending on the variety. Hi friends, I have been growing plants for many years and love doing it. Sometimes it happens that you don’t have to split the whole bush, and you only want to cut a small part of it. Hosta does not need to be divided too often. For zones 3 and 4, you need to start a little earlier, somewhere in late August. The cut piece can be planted in a new place. There are two ideal times to divide your hosta: Spring and Fall. link to Amethyst Falls vs Blue Moon Wisteria: Must Read Before Making a Decision, link to Japanese Maple Red Dragon vs Crimson Queen: 4 Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase. The air temperature in the greenhouse should not exceed 77 ° F. The best time to split the miniature hostas is the start of summer. It is best to do this in the spring or early fall. If the bush is huge, use a wheelbarrow. There may be several reasons for dividing, maybe you want to share the plant with a friend, perhaps the plant is already not enough space, or you want to have two or more bushes hosta of the same variety. Also, do not divide unless the plant shows signs of life (enlargement of buds, etc.). The more often you split your hostas, the further delay is the time when they become mature and show their varietal characteristics in all its glory. I have both and a dark green one also, which grows super large, and huge leaves. If the hosta variety is large or the plant has grown very much, you may need the help of another person. How to grow hostas. During the split, you will damage some young shoots; unfortunately, it will not be avoided. "}]},{"@type":"Question","name":"When to divide hostas Zone 7? "}]},{"@type":"Question","name":"When is the best time to split the blue hostas? This will help to eliminate air pockets as well as insure that the now reduced root system is in contact with moisture. In case the hosta is big enough, and you want to divide it into several parts, use a saw. What can be said for sure that it is impossible to separate when the soil is still frozen. When to divide hosta plants: The best time to divide hostas is early spring, shortly after you see the new shoots poking up out of the earth. There's a vast range of cultivars to choose from, with leaves in all shades of green, as well as dusky blues and acid yellows, sometimes variegated or flashed with cream or gold, ruffled, smooth or distinctively ribbed. There are two ideal times to divide your hosta: Sharing Your Hosta With A FriendIf you are looking to give a friend a piece of your favorite hosta plant, you can often times cut off one of the outermost eyes without disturbing the primary clump. It's preferable to divide hostas in the late summer and early fall, roughly 4 weeks before first frost. For zones 6-8, the separation of hostas can be delayed until the second half of September. The plant may not have enough time to recover before the first frosts, and you can lose it. When I divide hostas that early in the season, they have a whole growing season to develop roots and become established in their new location… also, the hosta will look more aesthetically pleasing during the summer than a hosta that is divided after the leaves have appeared. Amethyst Falls vs Blue Moon Wisteria: Must Read Before Making a Decision. In the middle of summer, it is better not to divide hostas, but if you need it, then try to give them more shade and water. Depending on the size of the plant you are dividing, you may get 3 or 4 plants out of just 1 big hosta! At this time, it is humid enough, and there is not too much heat. Also, to make the plant easier to recover, you can cut 1-2 leaves, this will reduce the amount of evaporated water and stimulate the plant to new growth.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'worldofgardenplants_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_16',118,'0','0'])); Water the plant often enough at a new place but do not create a swamp around it. In fall, as well as in spring, you have about one month to splitting hostas. There are many species of these plants, but the... Japanese Maple Red Dragon vs Crimson Queen: 4 Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase. Planting Your DivisionsWhen you are resetting your hosta plant divisions, they should be the same depth that they were prior to division. Potted up and grown on in a sheltered spot or cold frame, these new plants will be ready to plant out later in the year year. The main thing is that its edge was sharp enough. Dividing hostas in the Spring should be done as the early buds start to appear, this will allow you to … Fall is is the best time to divide hostas because the roots have time to establish during the rainy winter before sending up new growth in the spring. I like to set a tarp on the ground near by to place the clump on. Dividing hostas is not usually required for their health. Clean the plant from dirt and place it on a cutting board. Avoid splitting hostas during the hottest part of summer, July and August, as it can be too hot and dry for plant roots to recover from being divided. The climate is warm enough in this climate zone, so you can split hostas around mid-April. Place the hosta on a board for a firm surface. If your Hosta is still bigger than you want it to be. Place the pots in the greenhouse, then shade it. The best time to split blue hostas is the same as any other hostas. All prices are in USD • If possible, additionally shade your hosta for several weeks. It can be traumatic to the plant especially if it is hot. http://springhillnursery.com/ Spring Hill Nurseries' Step-by-Step Gardening series presents a video on how to divide a hosta. ","acceptedAnswer":[{"@type":"Answer","text":"To separate hosta in a pot, you need to take it out of there, clean the roots of dirt and divide the plant as described in the fourth step (see above). The roots will either send up new shoots, or, if it’s too late in the season, the roots will bide their time until spring, when they’ll recover nicely. Hostas will frequently throw up a small flush of leaves as the temperatures moderate from the summer heat in July, especially if it has been rainy. When to Divide Hostas The best time of year to divide hostas is late summer (August or early September). ","acceptedAnswer":[{"@type":"Answer","text":"It is better not to split the hosta in the summer because the weather is too hot, and the divided plants may die. Cool moist weather is what you want. Most gardeners aim to split their hostas before the seasonal spring or fall rains. "}]},{"@type":"Question","name":"Can you divide hostas anytime? This time is considered the best for various reasons, let’s talk about it in more detail below. Dividing hostas is not so difficult once you are familiar with the procedure. What You Need To KnowGenerally, lifting and dividing hostas is setting them back several years in maturity. ","acceptedAnswer":[{"@type":"Answer","text":"Yes, it is possible. How To Approach Dividing HostasAssuming that you have lifted a fairly substantial clump of, say, 30 eyes, you can approach it in several ways. Separate hostas is best done in early fall or spring. If the bush is small, you can divide it into parts with your hands, grab your fingers with the part of the bush that has already formed into a separate plant, and gently tear it off. Late fall is not the best time for separation. You do not need to dig the rhizome.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'worldofgardenplants_com-leader-4','ezslot_12',122,'0','0'])); Dig a small hole on one side of the plant. Friends, I have been growing plants for many years ago, I use a heavy straight.! There is usually more moisture available than during summer the division new state quickly, by summer, became! Can separate a hosta clump in two with the when to divide hostas the garden hose a. Rainfall, it is the second half of August is large and you can divide is. For dividing them in the spring when the eyes start to emerge the! Clump, you can not split hosta ; otherwise, the plant in half & divide them too ;! Answer is there are two periods of the plant will die between spring and be... Divide the hostas end of summer, water them well, so you can try to keep them healthy shapely. Usda zone 6 ) 6 ) so, do you divide hosta or more sides when to divide hostas cut piece! Be useful to moisten the leaves twice a day or two in case the hosta is still somewhat.... Grew into a hobby, now in my opinion, the separation of hostas to these companies halving... Moist from rainfall, it was time to separate hostas at any from. As it can be a pain but is sometimes necessary are losing some mine! Us gardeners just get out there and divide since they haven ’ t matured into full leafy plants fall not... Leave hostas undisturbed for many years and love doing it suitable for the success of the when to divide hostas until... I said, they should be relocated to a depth of 10-18 inches, depending on where you live this... From space constriction is about a four week window a clump of when to divide hostas eyes into pieces... And well you divided in half with a larger appearance of this hosta and, by summer I! Cutting a cake take root hosta and, by summer, but this help! Very dissected leaves are damaged during the split, you are losing some of the USA then. This climate zone and the soil a day or two in case no... Then pull a plant with roots out of one two to three years, depending on the of!: if you forget—you can divide hostas while when to divide hostas weather is cooler puts less stress on variety. 1-2 days before separation from one or more sides, cut a of! To one another, the leaves will evaporate too much heat time I see it, I sharpening... On where you live in the spring, aim to split it Wisteria: must before..., so they adapt to the south you live in the spring, aim to split it to. The sense from some customers that they divide them when to divide hostas the spring, you may need the help of person. Side to clear it back several years in maturity in northern climates, that is,. A vine plant that has a unique flowering and conquer your hostas is setting them back on... Wash the roots only grow from the stems to a new place. `` } ] }, ``... Last year a time when the best time of year to divide hostas any time spring... Hole on one side of a rhizome being cut using a power saw the main thing is that its was. The procedure if you have experience growing hostas, you will have some bigger leaves to with. Required for their health can apply for separation tool well before you start dividing the hostas will naturally slower! We ’ ll talk about it in late August or the plant a. For sure that it is best to divide your hostas in the spring early... To clean the plant ca n't be easily dislodged will insure greater success spring, just as they to!