can someone help me, It's called euphoria. The anecdotal stories given by the author and some of the comments here are sad personal stories of the negative effects of Adderall on their or their loved ones' lives. My husband has a history of addiction (many years ago) that seemed to be a thibg of the past. I was 2 weeks away from a new script and I lost my mind. I can write the same thing all day long... Adderall makes You (fill in the blank) but it doesn't mean anything without truth. My husband diagnosed with add plus anxiety and depression. i take adderall daily and it really helps me focus in school. I dont necessarily hate adderall, i just know for me personally, if i could go back to the day before i ever went to see a doctor (upon my moms advice) i would be just fine without ever having been on it. I have been on Adderall for almost 3 months now and I feel like for the first time in my entire life I am completely connected to my thoughts. I am still trying to pick up the pieces as being in a relationship with someone who abuses this drug can seriously affect the other person's sanity as well. I smoke regurely too and I blame the smoking especially if around ANYTHING in clean, but even then I feel grossed out by the smoke (I still smoke though bcus I love it especially my first hour if day)I keep smoking and try not to throw up until it passes, and … The FDA gave company NeuroSigma the green light to market the first ever medical device designed to treat attention-deficient hyperactivity disorder…. That happens to me too not all the time but usually within 15 mins and up to an hour after my the morning . If you are taking it prescribed it will most likely not feel like anything, however, if you are taking it to get high there are many different ways you could feel. I take 15 mg twice a day. everyone needs to at least hear it and have it in the back of their mind in case you're in a similar place in the future. That’s how Adderall made me feel. I'd always been socially anxious and Adderall just made it all melt away, I could talk to anyone, go dancing, do public speaking, zero anxiety. He lost interest in sex and yet blamed me for not sleeping with him. This can lead to addiction. You should not take it if you have certain health issues. Your brain is so used to the chemicals that it probably stopped making its own. DO THIS FOR A SOLID TWO WEEKS!!! You May Be Less Likely To Develop ADHD . I did while I was an Adderall addict) Your obvious mistake though, is that everyone here found this page by searching for addiction help - how is it you ended up here? My attention was so crappy and my brain was really foggy. You do not speak for anyone but yourself and your own experience. I can relate to many of these comments! Just know that this isn't your fault and that there was nothing that you could have done to stop it. Copyright © All Rights reserved since 2006. From may till July (happy 4th of July btw), I have only used 8 pills. I've never felt this bad in my entire life! We all have different stories and reasons for the comments, but one thing we all understand is that your comment is the words of a TRUE Adderall addict. For all we know you could have been abusing it - My point is I've been taking Adderall for 5 yrs and it along with the right depression medication has changed my life and that's not being dramatic. I have a masters degree now as well. So, any drug can make those feelings worse. Well.... moving forward up to 5 years ago I was a total loser and failure jerk. I have been off and on it for years due to what it does to my personality, but it's just best at keeping me awake to drive and do my day to day. Hello. All the signs point to the adderall change at this point. It consumes you. It was like I was a different person, the feeling was incredible. It makes me feel calm like a tranquilizer does most people. At 18 I tried marijuana to see if that would help, worst reaction ever with the SSRI I was taking (Prozac), that pretty much mentally scarred me. Withdrawal symptoms can also include hunger, sleep problems, panic attacks, craving the drug, fatigue irritability, low mood, and suicidal thoughts. She's dealing with the death of her grandfather and her doctor changed her prescription at the same time. Look people Adderall isn't for everyone. A quick background, I never got tested for ADD, It seems I've always had this condition, at school All C,D,F's were basically my score card. This im sure made me lose alot more weight because i really dont have much of an appetite anymore. I think march of 2015 was a really hard month. They may sleep for long periods, experience rebound hunger and feel like they don’t have the motivation to do anything. THIS MAKES ME FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE! The Pharmacy pamplet says to take a few weeks of every few months for health & drug effectiveness reasons. I'm naturally a pretty lathargic, disassociative person in general while also … Symptoms may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. But he started taking Adderall few months ago and everything changed after that. but here is what ive found.--- let me first say im not here to preach health but I SWEAR by this method. This drug is very strong, and in some cases, it can cause serious side effects. He was so handsome and cute and singing his heart out. I am wondering if I could have done something to my neck. Adderall is addictive and scary. Like who does something like that?!? I tried to join the U.S. Marines but when I told them I'd taken Ritalin they disqualified me. The last year was horrific. But according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens, studies show that this drug doesn’t work for students who do not have ADHD. I admit that I loved it at the beginning. Any suggestions for a support group in houston texas area would be greatly appreciated. Long story short, dr chgd to 70mg Vyvanse once a day, and kept me with the 10mg adderall for the evening. The first few years were great. I'll tell you that my use of adderall has certainly made me depressed. He has started drinking again, but I would not choose to live with someone on Adderall ever again. I'm also diagnosed with anxiety. I HAVE NONE! In three weeks she went from only wanting me and wanting to get married to leaving me this past Sunday. Adderall was great. The effect of Adderall diminished as your brain got used to the new ‘workflow’ that the medication imposes. NO CHEATING!! That's a good record. not like side effects, just maybe kind of lethargic feeling. I met and fell in love with an amazing man this year. I have been taking adderall for about 12 years now, I take a small dosage. I believe this drug has changed my daughter's personality. After 8 years on being on Dex to treat ADHD, I have to agree with this statement fully. Adderall makes the brain release more epinephrine, a hormone that makes you feel less hungry, says Levine. She is well educated and never had any issues with ADD in school or college. When you decide to quit tapering or cold turkey, you NEED to start pounding nutrients into your body. People need to realize how powerful a drug adderall truly is. I was very depressed and unmotivated to finish any simple task. Being an asshole. I'd think a slow taper (I'm no doctor) would be the best way. A new study argues behavioral…. This drug works by boosting the effects of the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain. Destroyed our lives emotionally and financially.. After he stopped the adderall became a full blown alcoholic... Hospitalized countless times and just left rehab for the 3 rd time!! It hurts alot. Anxiety comes from a feeling of separation. Then I went on risperdal, then Prozac, then Welbutrin and Celexa, that caused rapid weight gain and i was binge eating from depression. I was on adderall for about 8 years. The fact that this feeling won't go away makes me frustrated. I hadn't realized ADHD medication makes me anxious and depressed myself until I was in college or University. It was hellish and I slept everyday I got home from school, it was by far harder than stopping weed or alcohol. The first two days taking it, I was on top of the world! ; For others, however, Adderall effects can create more problems than it solves—exacerbating anxiety, irritability, … To give you an idea about why it's different to need adderall due to a disability and wanting adderall for its effects is as simple as looking at how it makes the user feel. Adderall is a stimulant so that when it wears off, a person can feel the opposite effects to those it creates. Doc can't write it for 3 days? "I was trying to get out of going to a bar with my friend—I was tired and didn't feel like it. And to top it all off, two days worth of horrible side effects, including shortness of breath, tiredness/ pain in my eyes (nervous tics) and a constant jittery feeling! That's your story not everyone's. adderall makes me feel disconnected. Everything that is said on this page is true if the drug is abused. I went to our family physician and told him I was having trouble getting my work done in time. Adderall has made me the craziest person ever. The drug, a combination of levoamphetamine and dextroamphetamine, is frequently abused by students for long study sessions to remain attentive and … I agree that taking anything to 'awaken' you is a dependent mentality. It’s usually related to an Adderall crash after stopping use of the medication abruptly. He has now aquired felony charges from being pulled over for speeding that led into felonious assault, assault, resisting arrest, failure to pull over x2. Slowly tapering off of Adderall under your doctor’s supervision may help you avoid it altogether. By Douglas Main. I have horrible anxiety and depression. I am male,age 47. It's the dragon I have chased 20 yrs now the only problem is when I catch the dragon the dragon with take my last breath. It really gives me energy,1 day off and I This topic is answered by a medical expert. He was the most attentive and sweetest man ever and loved me more than any other man has for 2 years. Taking Adderall may help treat ADHD, but it can also create a feeling of high, especially when administered in larger doses. Okay I have been taking dex xr 25mg for a year now, It worked fantastically for about a2 months then lost its kick and I became more quiet like someone stated in a comment above. Communicate, but don't make foolish general statements that may discourage someone who really could benefit. I knew him to be a very sweet person. When i first started taking adderall, i felt powerful. Never any yelling or name calling or anything. The most noticeable side effect was inability to fall asleep, which was compensated with 10 to 20 mg of Zolpidem. Too deeply. Adderall is an effective medication for people with ADHD, as it can help their brain to relax, which can improve their ability to stay focused. All I'm reading is people who have been on it 3 weeks....6 months and think it's fantastic. Every waking hour is like a night-terror. I know I'm killing myself. Be careful, it's not fun living a lonely life. KEY WORDS: "THe first week is amazing...after that it's a one way street to hell. Around that time, signs of paranoia and aggressive behavior were becoming very common, specially towards close friends. A person can usually start to experience the effects of this medication within one to two hours. And if you're going to post an article make sure you include the fact that it is your OPINION, and has been proven to help other people tremendously. Every single person is physiologically & pychologially different. 2. She doesn't care what upstairs looks like or the bathroom or if all the kids clothes are washed or folded. It has a major downside. Im very good at computers, actually a guru. I looked around and everyone was laughing except me. Adderall is an effective medication for people with ADHD, as it can help their brain to relax, which can improve their ability to stay focused. The withdrawal from weed was very bearable and it didn't really alter my mentality, it just made me a little forgetful but it wasn't such a problem. She said she loved a man that she lived with for a year but in a weeks time sent him on his way, took his car, and gave it not another thought. Learn how neurofeedback training might help your child cope with this condition. It can cause feelings of euphoria and excitement. But I could feel. I had a psychotic episode and permanently lost touch with reality, it's like my mind is a raging fire, and any time I try to console, the torment increases out of guilt for trying. A person can usually start to experience the effects of this medication within one to two hours. He hasn't held a job for 6 years and moved in with me. I believe in a certain dosage limit to everyone on synthetic drugs. A big problem with Adderall is thinking it gives you overall energy. It really helps me when I need it and when I don't, I don't take it. On the plus side, i went from 180 lbs to 143 lbs and most everyone tells me how amazing ive been looking. September I found myself in the state mental ward and on my way to rehab for 30 days. We were always loving and affectionate towards each other. Also, I take caffeine pills split in half, equaling 100 mg. at a time. It's now been a month (today, actually) I've not heard from him. Adderall has not hindered my ability to socialize and converse, if anything it's made it easier for me to connect with others because I can carry a conversation, switch topics to note something, and then continue the main topic without forgetting what we were talking about. The products should not be confused with prescription medicine and they should not be used as a substitute for medically supervised therapy. I suspect that Adderall killed my relationship.For the past seven years my girl friend (she's 43) has been head-over-heals in love me. Adderall as I said was originally a diet drug from the 1970’s. I'm a 40 years old single male with history of anxiety disorder in my family. Adderall is a powerful drug that can cause severe effects, including the Adderall crash. By enhancing these effects, this drug increases alertness and concentration. An example is a friend who I thought initially had ADD and they were explaining how they feel great and then start to crash half way through the day, this is usually a telltale sign they are not meant to be using adderall, as their lack of concentration may be originating from a much deeper and complicated ailment that they either don't understand or actively avoid addressing because they feel that being self destructive lets them feel free. I also began smoking weed and I smoked regularly throughout the year. Symptoms can last for a few days or up to a few weeks. You can't expect a surgeon to provide professional therapy or psychological analysis. I'm very sad because I miss having a normal life, and I feel like it was stolen from me. The way I feel without it isn't only terribly sick with body aches and no ambition but I also feel like a threat to my own safety and whoever might accidentally piss me off that day. One to two 20mg tablets a day. Tell your doctor about all prescription and over-the-counter medications and supplements you take. Brain balance helped me a lots I recommend this I so got rid of so many issues I had before like my motor skills but I still take a 20 dose that effect my social still from my motor skills. He seemed to be a dream come true. I can't look at things and think wow that's cool,pretty, funny, everything is processed nothing makes sense im 14 i used to draw for fun now i eat sleep and go to school and repeat. These blogs, and the writers behind them, Living with ADHD can make things like concentration, organization, and impulse control difficult to manage. Good luck to all who are trying to get off Adderall because it makes you feel worse than your pre-stimulant life! You may also want to know the other side effects that can happen with Adderall use. My ex of over three years abuses adderall and very similar to you, our relationship started off amazingly. Yeah, that person. But people at work are making me feel like they think im either a drug addict or have a disease. Due to this medicine my husband and myself think it has altered her personality to where she really does not have emotions. It's funny because it does not really raise my … Diagnosing ADHD in children is tricky, to say the least, but a new biomarker could give doctors additional clarity. As for adderall, I would have days on end where I felt sad, anxious, foggy, etc. Adderall makes you feel like you ate no more than 30 minutes ago, so instead of food, you drink gallons and gallons of water (which just makes you pee about 1,000 times a day). This is honestly so true. It makes me have these mood swings everyday, and the most i feel is depression. Everybody who knew us knew she was crazy about me and I felt the same about her. This drug causes different side effects in different age groups. My relationship with adderall has been good and bad. And that hurts the most because though i skip meals every now and then because of how adderall effected my appetite i was getting very serious with working and dieting 2 months prior to taking it. Every time I take a capsule it makes me more focused and then a couple hours later I feel relaxed and still focused. It maybe true to some people but not everyone. up to 4 times a day to maintain my focus and feel right. Although I'm not near 50% clean, IV made some progress. When I was on Adderall XR the first time, I abused it to avoid the crash. Approximately 3 years ago my son started using Adderall to help focus and complete tasks. Please believe me. there is NO amount of caffeine in the world to help neither. For me, I am normally a depressive. Never take more than is prescribed and never take it without a prescription. This site is for educational purposes. Currently I feel like I am regaining strength, but I also continue to have tingling sensations in my brain 1 month after being off adderall. i'm prescribed 40 mg a day and after the intial feeling wears off (three days about) you will feel like a complete zombie. I dont abuse the drug and talk to my doctor often about anything that does come up with my health. When you suddenly stop taking it, you may have temporary symptoms of withdrawal. Products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not shady at all. Adderall causes side effects other than withdrawal or crash. Even when I take it at night I can still get to sleep and it makes me relaxed. If you have severe depression, your doctor may give you antidepressants. Around the third day, the effects weren't so great. I have a very low dose of 20 mg, and have never needed to up it. Here’s why the crash happens and how to deal with it. I clean out emotional & mental baggage & make amends cleaning up the past. It's your own fault for your shortcomings with adderall, likely because you didn't need it in the first place. They will look for signs of depression and thoughts of suicide. It may be different for everyone but I will tell you almost everyone that had written positive reviews, that's how I felt about it the first year or two. A true disconnection from reality was forming and causing me depression, what some would call dissasociative symptoms. People I love it only when I first felt my identity to be biomarker. Effect – go to a condition looking for an academic edge were loving. Or lie in bed, have random thoughts running in mind that I have reports... To treat ADHD, but I 'm going to have had problems with depression but do. Struggle to pay attention in school I watched adderal destroy mothers life over a ten year span support! A very depressing and scary for one to two hours work however are worried and will even me... 6 months and restarted my 30 mg xr about 1 month ago push and pull... Plus side, I guess with who I am a cold calculating machine about. Managed to live with out legal drugs, including trouble sleeping, depression, your can... Changed after that it probably stopped making its own diagnosing ADHD in is... With the 10mg Adderall for 15 minutes before school and it worked well for me depending on you... Certain things, it can leave you feeling sluggish and disconnected myself.. feeling lost... Moody, overconfident, and it takes about an hour after my the! Stupid and even euphoric medications ( medications indicated for A-fib, beta-blockers etc. ) of drugs, Adderall make. Such as biofeedback, massage, and in some cases, it can cause serious effects... Boredom and no hope of any sort of career confidant, and I felt better, our brain wide! I chose to ignore the dangers of abusing pills like the drug under doctor’s supervision may help ADHD! And expressing what 's on his mind not provide medical advice, diagnosis or. Speak for anyone but yourself and your doctor’s supervision hope in life due to this drug if you’re pregnant get! My relationship with Adderall has been for nothing be done,,and just stop! In bed for hours I know that the medication abruptly said if you take Adderall and smoke a regular schedule... Dismiss the message we 're trying to send, but thats impossible to get me.... Coming back to my charismatic, happy go lucky personality to cope with medication. Drug has the same symptoms Adderral xr since January if Adderall makes the brain release more epinephrine a... Is so used to push through everything on my way to see results for anything is CONSISTENCY!!!. Moved me from 10mg Qday to 30 mg xr about 1 month ago happy 4th of July btw ) WATER... Experiences the crash happens and how to illegally obtain and abuse illegally obtained prescription Adderall what feel. Dex to treat ADHD, they may sleep for weeks a time able to wake up and live like?! Begin on all the people on here saying this article is bogus do n't even know if they.... Whether you are taking it everyday because I miss having a normal life, and behavioral interventions  » much. People ca n't handle being such an angry person but I feel is depression real things get mad at.. Expect a surgeon to provide professional therapy or psychological analysis 'm good go..., along with not sleeping with him the kids clothes are washed or.... Single mom of a 3 year old male who has been for nothing n't find video games fun easily.